Village Ithiopia hosts a Kwanzaa event every year.Our goal is to raise the Kwanzaa awareness through tangibility and accessibility. This is done with our week-long celebration.

Empress Circle

The Empress Circle consists of a group of local women who meet every two weeks with the ultimate goal to strengthen each other in women's health and education.

Food Program

The aim of the Food program is to provide lower income people/families of the region with a nutritious food supplement, by providing a soup kitchen and weekly food distribution.


Village Ithiopia is a community development program that strives towards creating togetherness in the communities that make up our global village. Ithiopia represents Ethiopia, through its strength and naturalness, while always being aware of the consequences of ones own actions – hence – I. Our aim is to empower the individuals of our local and international communities, by giving everyone a chance to become self-sufficient / self-reliant and fulfill their potential.

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